The joy I have experienced creating my online store, Petulapoppy.com, is endless! I have met such amazing artists and seen many beautiful things I am excited to share with you.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What's in a Name?

I was chatting with a jeweler last week at the MAGIC Market Week trade show in Las Vegas.  I had been handing out my Petula Poppy business cards every where I went.  But, she was the first one to ask me, "What does your name mean?"

I told her and thought, "I should share this."  

Petula was the name of my dog that my parents surprised me with when I was 6 years old.  I was born cross eyed and I had been in the hospital having surgery (one of two) to fix my vision.  I was in a hospital in San Francisco and I remember my Dad coming to visit me early in the morning. He was a stockbroker and left for work very early in the a.m.  He would find me awake because I did not sleep well there. After the second stay I came home and found an adorable little puppy. She was black and white and had long fur - a real mutt and a real buddy.  My Dad suggested I name her after Petula Clark because she was a small lady with a loud voice and big personality, just like my puppy. So, Petula it was and I LOVED her! She lived until she was 22 years old!

Poppy came from "Pops" which is what I called my Dad. I did not always use this name and we had some rough patches in our time together.  But, the last years were grand. He asked that my kids call him, "Pops" and he was a wonderful Grandfather and I called him that too.  He was a man who kept his promises and when I needed him most, he showed up without hesitation. 

Petula Poppy is my heart, she is my soul, she holds my memories, she is my friend.  

That is what it all means to me and why I love what I do so much :)


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's for the Guys

Valentine's Day is always about the pink and red, the ladies.
How about our guys?

I found the Eighteen25 blog had some fun ideas.

From the Make the Best of Everything Blog,

From Plaid online,

Forget the chocolate! How about some sweet and spicy nuts?

Peanut Blossom Blog shared this tasty treat!

So, Happy Cupid Day to ALL!

Love Much,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sven Handbags is love

When you buy a handbag that is made with the finest leather and attention to detail you are making an investment in handmade craftsmanship.  

I found the Sven Handbag line last year and the second my hand touched the red tote bag (my favorite color) I was sold.  

“Our aim is simply to make objects for daily living…
objects that by virtue of their use can somehow make
one’s day a little bit better.”
one’s day a little bit better.”

Sven Stalman, Founder
SVEN was founded in 1969 and is based in Northern California. They are superior in design, quality and functionality. The leather is so soft and luxurious you will be thrilled!

My week 3 of Valentine's savings is here! Enter coupon code "SVEN" at checkout and receive 30% off any leather handbag!  

Hearts and Hugs to All!

Valid Now through 2/4/14

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Saving for You and Mother Earth

Round Two

On 11/3/13 I wrote a blog about Love Heals. I wrote about how wonderful this family owned company from California is.
They have ten trees planted for each piece sold.

Show your love for another and for Mother Earth.

Petula Poppy is offering 30% off on all Love Heals (excludes items already on sale) 
this Thursday - Sunday ONLY!

Discount taken at checkout.
Valid 1/23/14 thru 1/26/14

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting a Jump on Cupid

Valentine's Day is a month away!

I know some people can get grouchy this time of year but I love all the red, all the hearts and all the sugary hugs.  

Petula Poppy will be having a series of special sales from now until Cupid arrives!

The first will be running this Friday-Monday and will feature one line I discovered last year and just love.


I attend a HUGE trade show two times a year in Vegas.  No, I do not just go there to play the slots. Although, I am very excited to play Goldfish. If you have never played that one check it out. 

Anyways, I was wandering through a section called, "Pool" and saw ahead of me a sleek, SLEEK, modern laser cut wood cuff.  I think I touched and admired every piece in her collection and I had so much trouble choosing which pieces to buy.  I kept reminding myself, "budget, budget, you have a budget!"

Handmade with birch, walnut and aluminum. Each piece is a piece of art. She takes her inspiration from nature and man made structures.  Very modern and clean jewelry that compliment all outfits.

So, stop by Petula Poppy this weekend and get a jump on Cupid!

Hearts to You,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ready to Meet Some New Creative Souls?

We are a week into 2014!
I have already been busy busy busy finding more amazing items!
But, today I want to share some other creative souls with you. Take a moment and see what they are about and enjoy :)

"Whimsical hand-screened products for your home, your body and your travels."

When I had a mobile boutique (yes, I drove a Dodge Sprinter van and i LOVED that car) I carried this wonderful line of clothing. "Every piece is hand made, cut and sewn . . . "

Creating custom pieces and more :)

If any of you have any lines you wish to share with me feel free to send me an email @

Happy Discovering All!