The joy I have experienced creating my online store, Petulapoppy.com, is endless! I have met such amazing artists and seen many beautiful things I am excited to share with you.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanks For Giving


Thanks Giving

Thanks For Giving

I am thankful for so much this year.  The usual suspects top my list; my kids, my family, my friends, my health, the delicious food on my table.

I often say that I do not love to cook but I love those I cook for. This is the truth.  But, I have always been thankful for the simple fact that there is food for my loved ones and me.

This time of year brings to light and reminds us that there are many people out there who fight every day to get food to the table.

I have supported this organization for quite a while now.

"Feeding America is the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Our mission is to feed America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger."

Please take a moment to go to their website and make a donation.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Art to Wear

I found Robin on a wholesale site that is no longer in existence. It was a chance crossing because I cannot even remember how I got to that site in the first place.

She makes "Treasures for the Modern Nomad." Each of her pieces are amazing and beautiful. Made from Repurposed upcycled textiles, semiprecious stones and metals, Robin has brought them all together into pieces of art to wear.  

A graduate of UC Berkeley with a Fine Arts degree, she worked first as a graphic designer before dedicating her talents to this unique, thoughtful and eco friendly line of jewelry.



I have such a HUGE respect for all who create art.  I know we can all do it and we do whether it is through a piece of jewelry like Robin or through a lovingly made dinner for the family.

Keep creating and check out all of Robin's Cuffs at Petulapoppy.com!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life is a Bowl Full of Roses?

Swap Meets - love them

There seems to be many who claim to be the originators of this spectacle, Albert Lafarge, Russell Carrell, The French, The English and so on. I don't care who created it I was just glad to be there on Sunday at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

It was crowded and, as usual, I seem to only go when it is HOT!  I enjoyed every second of it. 

I like to find those special items but I also really enjoy talking to the Vendors.  I learn a lot and I admire how much effort goes into getting a booth set up and sitting there all day. I did that for years myself. It takes some sturdy stock I tell you.

I found some perfect gifts for my Mom for Christmas and an amazing leather cuff with quartz for myself.

But one of my real joys at the Swap Meet is finding all the unique, weird, wonderful and "where would ANYONE put that?" things people have out there to sell and buy.

Don Quixote on a fur covered Donkey - a must for any coffee table

She is pretty but creepy at the same time to me

Pretty sure I look like this in the morning - this piece was about 2 feet tall

Can't even imagine what these two would talk about

And then there was Nixon

So, I cannot wait to go back with my Best Friend (since we were 7). Now, that is something I would never swap.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Petula Loves Love Heals

It's Sunday.

A hazy sunny day and I am happily working.

I spent this past week taking pictures, editing and posting all my new Love Heals pieces on Petulapoppy.com.
It is so fun and easy to work with items you love and a company you respect so much.

I discovered this family owned business 3 years ago when I was searching for companies that "Do Good." Google was very helpful.  Anyway, I saw the name and I clicked on the link.

"Love Heals is a socially conscious family business based in Ojai, California that embodies a commitment to spirit, nature and service. The jewelry is handcrafted with the highest quality materials, lending an old world aesthetic and craftsmanship you can feel. For each design sold, 10 trees are planted in Ethiopia - to date that adds up to over 1 million trees.

Adriana Goddard and her children, Gunnar and Elisa, founded Love Heals in 2005 on an organic communal farm with the vision to create a company that gives back to nature and humanity." (Love Heals)

Just beautiful for all the right reasons.
Happy Day Everyone!