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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting a Jump on Cupid

Valentine's Day is a month away!

I know some people can get grouchy this time of year but I love all the red, all the hearts and all the sugary hugs.  

Petula Poppy will be having a series of special sales from now until Cupid arrives!

The first will be running this Friday-Monday and will feature one line I discovered last year and just love.


I attend a HUGE trade show two times a year in Vegas.  No, I do not just go there to play the slots. Although, I am very excited to play Goldfish. If you have never played that one check it out. 

Anyways, I was wandering through a section called, "Pool" and saw ahead of me a sleek, SLEEK, modern laser cut wood cuff.  I think I touched and admired every piece in her collection and I had so much trouble choosing which pieces to buy.  I kept reminding myself, "budget, budget, you have a budget!"

Handmade with birch, walnut and aluminum. Each piece is a piece of art. She takes her inspiration from nature and man made structures.  Very modern and clean jewelry that compliment all outfits.

So, stop by Petula Poppy this weekend and get a jump on Cupid!

Hearts to You,

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